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Pou is right now a standout amongst the most famous games available at the Google Play store, and it is getting tons of new players daily. If you are familiar with the game, you already know that it is no easy to make coins. They have created an interface which forces players to buy items. On the other hand, the game is so fascinating that one could not avoid it. However, this post will help you in getting to know Pou Hack. Below are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy the game.

Concentrate on In-game Achievements

You must take benefits of the achievements feature in this game, as it gives you more money as compared with other mini games. You need to complete the tasks available to unlock the achievements; just like any other game. It consists of eating tasks, watering flowers tasks, and so on. The best thing about these achievements is their simplicity. Therefore, the first Pou hack is to unlock the achievements as much as you can. This will also help you leveling up too fast.

Game Parts

There are many little games available in the Pou. So just decide which one you want to concentrate on, by trying every game; Pou words, popper, Food drop, hill drive, sky jump, cliff dash, color match, water hop, color tap, match tap, cliff jump, pool, Memory, pool, Pou sounds, and a few more game parts available for you. Try every part of the game and earn more coins so that you could play the real game more effectively. We call them parts, but in reality, these are mini games created to spruce up the application. You don’ have to play them all; just play a few of them which are useful and interesting.

Make Game Money Faster

Obviously, to play the game successfully, you need to make money swiftly. Pu popper, hill drive, matches tap, ski jump, Pou sounds, and Freefall are the game parts which can help you in making money faster. So try them first to make make faster. However, it is a tactic to earn money fast, but if you really like the other set of mini games, you should not consider the above mentioned first, as this will spoil your interest towards the game.

Pou Official Cheats

This app has a lot of mini games available to make more coins as well as to enjoy more parts of the game. However, nothing can be compared with the official cheats. UPDATE: The official cheats are disabled by the developer on the Android platform. If you have older version install, you could enjoy cheats; if not, you need to earn more coins through the mini games available. Don’t worry! The above mentioned games will definitely help you in making money faster. Pro is a fantastic game and running successfully on the Android platform. The developers are planning to release it on windows as well as on IOS devices, which means more improvement and development of the game.


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